Hi Friends!

Welcome to the official Save Ferris page. We’re so happy you’re here. Please take look around and keep a lookout for the mailing list that’s coming soon so we can keep in touch and let you be the first to know about breaking Save Ferris news.

First on the agenda: SAVE FERRIS IS PLAYING their first show in ten years at THE PACIFIC AMPHITHEATER AT THE ORANGE COUNTY FAIR ON JULY 27th. Buy your tickets here now, because this show will sell out!

Be sure to stop by the official Save Ferris Facebook page and post pics of your favorite Save Ferris memories, set lists, videos, and etc.

And while there, don’t forget to let us know what songs you’d like to hear at the shows.

Stop by the official Save Ferris Twitter page as well and say hi! @SaveFerris_1

Can’t wait to hear from you all!!